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You can choose from two options for booking

Workshop – Painting in Wine Style
– works in a smaller format 40×50 cm (with the option of taking a larger canvas on site for an additional fee)
– coffee and tea
– including all materials
– extensive explanation and demonstration
– intensive help from WINE
– FABULOUS painting to take home

Workshop – XL painting (you’ve been once before)
– work immediately on a larger format 60×80 cm
– coffee and tea
– including all materials
– just a little refresher (we want to start creating right away)
– intensive help from WINE
– FABULOUS painting to take home

**smaler canvas is not an option

Welcome, Additional information Public Workshop

It always works!


We are going to make it a fun workshop!
Hope to see you soon! You are going to make a super painting in the style of WINE .
An unforgettable experience and super fun to do. After this workshop everyone will go home PROUD and with a great painting! You don’t have to worry about it failing. Under the guidance of Artist Geoffrey Wine  it will ALWAYS work. This workshop is specifically intended for those who have NO EXPERIENCE. Just make sure you know what kind of work Geoffrey makes. Get your bearings! Geoffrey expects you soon in his studio in the former WENNEKER factory.

I would also like to refer you to the reviews HERE so that you can also see and read what other participants think of the workshop and the result.

Individuals or small groups

I have created the public workshop especially for individuals or small groups of up to 6 people. Otherwise it will be too expensive to book a private workshop. You then join several individuals until the group is full. The group consists of 12-16 people. You then buy a voucher to participate.
Vouchers for sale at GroupOn or SocialDeal

TIP! for clothing + transport

Put on OLD (in winter) WARM clothes  that can get a splash of paint on it and bring something to put the paintings on in the car for transport!!!
(the paintings are not 100% dry when you go home) In consultation you can leave the paintings to pick them up another time.
Do you have any old towels / dishcloths left? I can really use them in the workshops!

Working on a larger canvas

With a voucher for the workshop you work on a standard size 40x50cm. If you really want to make a COOL painting for the wall, above the couch, office, kitchen or somewhere else in a larger size, you can.
Don’t be afraid it won’t work. I’ll help you through it all and together we will make a super painting that you can be really proud of.
I ask a small amount extra for that. I have the following formats;
60×80 cm at € 35,- (while supplies last)
80×100 cm at € 45,- (while supplies last)
You can also pay with the pin. These advantageous prices only apply in combination with a voucher.

Minimum age 12 years

It is a very nice workshop and everyone is always very enthusiastic to do this with the children. However, there is a minimum age of 12 years to participate. The pace of the workshop is fast and children always demand different attention. However, appearing with children under 12 is not appreciated. To avoid disappointment, just wait until the children are 12 years old.

Try it yourself !

You will now experience for yourself how much fun it is and that everyone goes home with a super painting.

Unique Workshop

An unforgettable event and super fun to do. Geoffrey helps to create their own canvas with each participant. Become an artist and experience what it is like!
After a pleasant workshop PROUD with a great painting at home!

What do we do?

• You will make a unique canvas under the guidance of international artist Wine.

• You work on a standard size 40×50 cm or for an additional fee a larger cancas of your choice 60×80 cm, 80×100 cm

• You decide for yourself what will be on the canvas.

• All materials are provided.

• The workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

• During the workshop Wine will tell you about the nice things about his work.

• Artworks by Wine are an asset to the public domain due to the fresh use of color and accessibility.

A drink of coffee/tea is provided. (if special catering is desired, this will be put together at an additional cost in consultation). Of course you can also bring your own!


We are doing our best to keep everything in line with COVID-19 guidelines.
– QR code is requested.
– sick, cold, fever STAY HOME.
– we respect 1,5 m away from each other.
– you will receive instructions prior to the workshop. Stick to this!
– keep enough distance outside while waiting.

Where is the workshop?

The workshop is given in Wine’s Art Studio.

Badhuisstraat 18, 4703 BH, Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

When is the workshop?

The public workshop is normally on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. Starts at 14:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs.
If there are no options on the calendar on the vouchers site , it is full. Then look further for a suitable date. The workshop is very popular and is full well in advance. So book in time after purchasing your voucher.

How to buy a voucher?

If you want to join the regular workshop as an individual or with a friend, you can buy a voucher. After buying your voucher you can make a reservation online and possibly also adjust it yourself.
You can buy your vouchers via Groupon and SocialDeal

Please note: These vouchers are NOT for large groups!

Groups (from 6 people) can book a private workshop HERE.

You always succeed.

Success guaranteed! Everyone proudly walks out with a beautiful painting. WINE helps everyone, sometimes more than 90%. So don’t be afraid it always works. You decide what comes up and Geoffrey puts it there for you. Then you go completely loose! Enjoy your creativity!


For groups larger than 6 persons you have to book a private workshop. Because the private workshop offers more options in terms of date and starting times and because we work on larger canvases, it is NOT possible to book a private workshop in combination with a voucher. Always contact us directly for a request and the possibilities.

Voucher Social Deal
Voucher GroupOn

An impression of the workshop. Everyone makes their own painting. Participants get creative during the painting workshop in Wine-Style at the art studio in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

An impression of the workshop. Everyone makes their own painting. Participants get creative during the painting workshop in Wine-Style at the art studio in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

WORKSHOP 4@2400X2240

Participants get creative during the painting workshop in Wine-Style at the art studio in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

WORKSHOP 3@2400X2240

Lots of Paint and Spray paint, a completely different technique! Too much fun to do.

WORKSHOP 2@2400X2240

Don’t panic, Geoffrey will make sure that all paintings look great at the end. First let’s get started with thick dollops of paint. And have some fun.

Live performance

Live Art on stage! Paintings created “on the spot”, spectacular to watch!


Welcome to the world of WINE art. The best collection of my original paintings. Inspired by you!


Would you like to experience it too? The best workshops, paintings made in Wine-style.

Welcome to Wine Art Gallery

Let my Art come in to your life, in to your heart, in to your home!

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