Anyone can do this!

Have you always wanted to make such a COOL painting with spray cans and lots of paint – all in Wine-Style? Just go wild with a spray can and acrylic paint. Perhaps you have visited my studio in Roosendaal for such a nice workshop. And do you think I want to do that myself and learn. But you can’t draw and you don’t know exactly how to do it and where to start. During this course I will introduce you to my materials and my technique. I’m going to show you exactly what and how I do it. You really get a very exclusive look at my creative kitchen. There is also the possibility to ask questions during the course and to ask everything you want to know. You will then receive an answer as soon as possible. Will you join us?

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Just a small preview of the on-line workshops. Join us!


I’m going to show you how to make the coolest paintings yourself in Wine-Style. You don’t have to be able to draw to make really cool paintings. I’ll help you through it all. You can use the unique Wine Art Templates. Then you have the out-lines on the canvas in no time! If you’ve ever been to my studio for a workshop, you know how much fun it is!

Live performance

Live Art on stage! Paintings created “on the spot”, spectacular to watch!


Welcome to the world of WINE art. The best collection of my original paintings. Inspired by you!


Would you like to experience it too? The best workshops, paintings made in Wine-style.

Welcome to Wine Art Gallery

Let my Art come in to your life, in to your heart, in to your home!

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