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Although Geoffrey normally always works on canvas, he now and then has a nice challenge to make a work of art on a wall. This immediately gives a completely different dimension to the artwork. It’s also usually a lot bigger than Wine’s normal work. But it’s always great to be able to do it. The subjects and themes are always in consultation with the client, so that a unique and personalized work of art is always created.

COMM - WALL - LIMO@2400X2240

“Live Life to the Max”. Enjoy the luxurious life and get everything out of it. Mural on three shutters.


“Cool Guys Wine Club”. One room large mural from floor to ceiling. In a private home. Theme, the Dads wine club. Wine, Cigars & Amsterdam

“Beauty Wow”. Mural room large from floor to ceiling. Theme; Beauty salon

“Home of BBQ”. A mural of 6×4 meters especially for BBQ Experience in Roosendaal.


“Saved by the Bell”. A mural on the front of the desk of a boxing school. Wine has also edited matching benches.


Wine has provided various dressing rooms with a very cool themed mural for a football association

Van Gastel@2400X2240

“Lets Wine and BEER my dear”. A personalized mural 4 x 1 meter for a well-known Dutch football player.


At a secondary school, a project of the students translated into a mural of 9×5 meters.

Pet Shop Boys@ 2400X2240

“Pet Shop Boys”. A personalized wall mural for a music lover in his music room. Theme is his favorite band.

Garden Party@2400X2240

“Garden Party 1”. Mural outside in the garden. An eye-catcher by the pool and the lounge area on the terrace. Good life.

Garden Party 22400X2240

“Garden Party 2”. Mural outside in the garden. An eye-catcher by the lounge area on the terrace. Good life.


“Gin my dear”. Striking mural 3×4 meters at the reception area in the gallery of Wine.

MURALS 1@2560X1356

Every Mural that Wine makes is custom made. The theme and favorite colors are determined together with the customer. Wine makes a translation in Winestyle. Are you interested in the possibilities? Send a message via the contact form on the contact page of this website. Together we will come up with something fun! I would like to hear what your wishes are. Nothing is to crazy!

Live performance

Live Art on stage! Paintings created “on the spot”, spectacular to watch!


Welcome to the world of WINE art. The best collection of my original paintings. Inspired by you!


Would you like to experience it too? The best workshops, paintings made in Wine-style.

Welcome to Wine Art Gallery

Let my Art come in to your life, in to your heart, in to your home!

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