PIMP the BOARDROOM – XL- painting

ART(y) office (p)ART(y) – workshop

Create a “real” custom work of art together with your staff.

It always works!


Very nice that you think of this very cool workshop. It is indeed too much fun. Really something to get away from it all and create something cool for the office together with colleagues during a fun TEAM OUTING.
A real XL work of art in Wine style.
In the text below I have written out as much as possible what it means. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

I would also like to refer you to the reviews here so that you can also see and read what other participants think of the workshop and the result.

Try it yourself as a group! Proud of your own XL painting in the office.

You will now experience how much fun it is to make a super COOL painting yourself (under the guidance of Wine). Which everyone will be proud of. A super XL painting for the office. For example: boardroom – canteen – staff room – reception room – etc.

Have fun being creative with everyone. At a location of your choice or in his own studio, Geoffrey Wijn gives an inspiring creative workshop, max 10 persons per XL painting and max 30 persons per half day working at the same time. For larger groups, we will make a special tailor-made program in consultation.

Success guaranteed!

Unique Workshop

An unforgettable event and super fun to do. Geoffrey will make a fantastic painting with you. Become an artist and experience what it is like! You determine the theme yourself and work together on the canvas and Geoffrey always ensures that the final result is SUPER.

After a fun workshop PROUD and go home with a great painting!

What do we do?

• You will make a unique canvas under the guidance of international artist Wine.

• You work on a size of your choice, a composite canvas up to 4 meters wide. (multiple of 80×100 cm)

• You decide for yourself what will be on the canvas.

• All materials are provided.

• The workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

• During the workshop Wine will tell you about the nice things about his work.

• Artworks by Wine are an asset to the public domain due to the fresh use of color and accessibility.

A drink of coffee/tea is provided. (if special catering is desired, this will be put together at an additional cost in consultation). Of course you can also bring your own!
If the workshop is at your location, you must provide work tables and covering materials on the floor and tables yourself.

What will it cost?

The workshop costs € 500,– ex VAT 9% per XL painting. (format up to 4 meters wide  80×100 cm) Max 10 people per XL painting.
If special catering is desired, this will be offered in consultation at an additional cost.
If the workshop is on location (NL), a one-time fee of € 250,- ex VAT 9% + travel costs will be charged.
Workshop international in consultation and according to specification.

Where is the workshop?

The workshop is given in Wine’s studio.
If desired, the workshop can be held at any desired location. (in consultation)

When is the workshop?

Because it is a private workshop, we can determine the start time in consultation. Morning, afternoon or evening everything is possible. (in consultation)

Info To Share

You decide which theme will be on the painting and which colors will be used. After a good detailed explanation everyone knows what to do. Wine finishes the painting with his typical and recognizable style. And you take it proudly into the office to show it on the wall for everyone to see.

Proud of your own creativity.

Always a fun team effort.


The result of a successful workshop hangs on the wall in the company canteen. Employees can proudly enjoy their self-made artwork.

Live performance

Live Art on stage! Paintings created “on the spot”, spectacular to watch!


Welcome to the world of WINE art. The best collection of my original paintings. Inspired by you!


Would you like to experience it too? The best workshops, paintings made in Wine-style.

Welcome to Wine Art Gallery

Let my Art come in to your life, in to your heart, in to your home!

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