More info on the project

Do you have a space that you want to make special? A great work of art on the wall. Completely your own theme on the wall and the colors that you like. WINE makes something cool out of it! Contact us if you would also like a permanent work of art on the wall.


Geoffrey at work in THE VAULT down below the office of HOBIJ HQ, The Netherlands.

Creative assignment: turn the vault into a creative football stadium. Hobij is sponsor at PSV Eindhoven.

Live performance

Live Art on stage! Paintings created “on the spot”, spectacular to watch!


Welcome to the world of WINE art. The best collection of my original paintings. Inspired by you!


Would you like to experience it too? The best workshops, paintings made in Wine-style.

Welcome to Wine Art Gallery

Let my Art come in to your life, in to your heart, in to your home!

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