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An unforgettable event, a spectacle to see! Geoffrey Wijn – “WINE” makes live and “on the spot” a unique work of art. Be equally one with the artist, experience of close by and how quickly a beautiful work of art arises!

Accompanied by rousing beats a spectacular light show, special effects such low fog machines, Co2 cannons and optional live camera-feeds from the canvas directly on several big screens. This will result that the viewer is posted in an unlikely theatrical world!


  • International artist “Wine” makes “on the spot” a unique Work of Art.
  • He is working on the format 80 x 80 cm/80 x 160 cm/80 x 240 cm/160 x 160 cm
  • Wine is inspired by the moment, only seconds before starting the artwork.
  • The Live!Art takes about 5-10 minutes per canvas.
  • The Live!Art is a spectacle to see. It goes super fast so keep the cameras ready!
  • The work of art is projected on the wall / screen behind the artist real time.

As a result a super cool painting stays behind as a gift for the person or company who the act is for.


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Wine Art


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